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We are your technology developers

Our own projects are our best cover letter


Advice and consultancy

We provide support services for companies and freelancers. We carry out support work in all phases, from the search for financial support and subsidies to technological advice.

Custom tools

We develop intuitive tools, which are easy to use and understand by any employee, adapted to the needs of our clients and thus achieving greater comfort in their use

Teledetección y SIG

Yotta  Desarrollos   tiene  una  amplia  experiencia  en  el  desarrollo  de  aplicaciones  basadas  en  SIG.  Prueba de ello es el  desarrollo de la plataforma, en la cual se ha usado esta tecnología para gran parte de las herramientas que ofrece.

Another services

Para  ello   contamos  con   información actualizada  de  convocatorias públicas  para  subvencionar o financiar los  desarrollos, ayudamos  a la redacción de  dichas propuestas, asesoramos en la protección legal de los productos de los clientes y realizamos su mantenimiento.


Yotta Desarrollos is a young company, created with the aim of providing quality products and tools, and at the same time offering management and advisory services to all types of companies and entities.

As a result of our experience, we have developed the platform, which arises with a clear idea, to publicize the industrial estates and parks, also helping the companies that are located there to increase their business activity and visibility in the current market.

Our main objective is to continue offering the latest in technology, for which we continuously carry out research and development tasks, working daily to incorporate and offer our clients technological tools and functionalities adapted to their needs, achieving their satisfaction with the use of them. .

Some of our clients are:

Somos Agente Digitalizador