offers users tools to manage and improve their own entity and offer them a personal work space.

entorno arbolado Munigestión

We make intuitive, versatile, and adapted technological tools available to managers of municipal areas; developed thinking about the features of the sector.

Likewise, these tools are designed so, both citizens and companies, can participate in the management and improvement of these areas.

This tools are:

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    Issue Tracker

    Anyone can report a problem or incident to those responsible and the City Council can manage it individually.

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    Stock Management

    Munigestión allows you to manage all the stock that is acquired, as well as to be able to carry out a follow-up, since all the information is centralized in a web platform accessible from any device.

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    Street Furniture Manager

    It allows any existing public element on the street (benches, litter bins, lampposts,...) to be identified on a single Geographic Information System, which users can access to manage the information.

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    Patrimony Manager

    From this tool, public administrations will be able to manage all the elements of their patrimony in a centralized way (land, plots, buildings...).

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    Green Areas Manager

    This tool allows the public administration and the companies in charge of maintaining green areas to have a common work tool.

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    Graveyard Manager

    The objective is that the administration has digitized all the information related to the graveyards, relying on a Geographic Information System (GIS).

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